The Gospel Advances

1. In verse 12, Paul writes that he believes everything that has happened to him has really served to advance the gospel. This is a shift to view life through the lens of eternity rather than a temporal lens focused on present circumstances. How do we get to the point where we can view life this way?

2. What would it look like to live as if everything in your life really serves to advance the gospel? How would it change the way you react or respond to people and circumstances? How would it change the way you pray?

3. Verse 14 points to the vital importance of community in talking about the gospel with others. Who is someone with whom you would like to share the gospel? How might your community help embolden you to have an intentional conversation with that person?

4. Paul’s goal is that Christ be exalted in life and in death. Look over the previous 20 verses; what characteristics of Paul’s life do you see that honor Christ?

5. What ways do you feel your life exalts Jesus? Don’t be polite or humble, it is okay to speak truth and talk about how you seek to exalt Jesus! What are ways that others can pray for you in this area?